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Clickyard Advanced Business Solutions specializes in information technology, development of applications and websites. It has been working in this field since 2018 and has a experts, qualified and professional work tools to implement and present a modern product in a modern style according to the best and latest technologies to exercise its activity in the global market.



Web Building

ClickYard focuses on providing high quality and professional software solutions at reasonable and competitive prices. Our experience and skills in designing and developing corporate and business websites,…


 Best PHP Frameworks 

Our team is ready to provide best services and solutions for systems development, as we realize the desire of every company and consumer to have secure, stable and efficient web applications


Bonita BPM

Bonita is an open source platform that is used to automate and improve business processes and procedures. The Bonita platform accelerates the development and production process…


Social media marketing

Effective communication between the company and its audience is the basis for the success of marketing, especially e-mail. Social media is a supernatural promotional means for its ability to reach unlimited numbers of people.


Search Engine Optimization

We make your website useful for your specific audience and increasing your website traffic through search engine results.


Web hosting services

We offer you many web hosting services with the highest technologies and the best prices. We offer a range of shared web hosting plans